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As of 8/18/2014

  • The August foray of the AZ Mushroom Club meets at Springerville on Aug. 23-24. I will be bringing some good wine for “Happy Hour” after the foray Saturday.
  • All sorts of stuff coming up this week.  Lots of photos from readers in our most recent update. The week ahead looks good for rain.
  • The Telluride Mushroom Festival is underway. I’m having a great time here, and will be documenting my experience in an upcoming article.
  • The Flagstaff Mushroom Festival will be Aug 22-23 at the Flagstaff Arboretum. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the Arizona Mushroom Club foray, but it would be possible to do the Friday events in Flagstaff and still make it to Springerville in time for the AMC foray.
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Mid-August update 2014: Mushrooms all over

Looking like a pretty good season so far, not as good as 2013, but not bad.  Photos from readers are coming in almost faster than I can keep up with. We’re hearing some new reports of lobster mushrooms in the Flagstaff area, Caesar’s amanitas in the White Mountains, and even some lovely porcini up on Mt. Lemmon.

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