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Oyster Mushrooms in the White Mountains 7-19-2014

Last Saturday, July 19, I decided to head back to the White Mountains to see if another week of intermittent storms had made any difference since my empty-handed scouting foray of the previous weekend.  Arizona Mushroom Forum reader Kevin Widner of Nutrioso had been reporting some rainfall accumulation in the vicinity, and posting some nice photos of fruiting oyster mushrooms on the AMF Facebook page. Those are one of my favorite edibles, so I arranged to meet him up there for a day of foraging.

At almost the last minute, I also made a connection with Serjio Jitser, another of our local mushroom aficionados here in the Valley. He originally hails from the Ukraine, with its well-CCM at Salt River Canyondeveloped mushrooming culture, and now wishes to learn the types that grow here in Arizona so as to pass on this part of his cultural heritage to his own children. I was happy for his agreeable and well-educated company on the long early-morning drive up to the hills.
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