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National Monument status for the Kaibab Plateau – Blessing or curse?

In the news lately, the Obama administration is considering the possibility of creating a new Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument in Northern Arizona. This large preserve would be carved out of the Kaibab National Forest and other Federal lands nearby.

Upcoming mushroom festivals at Flagstaff and Telluride

Arizona fungus fans will want to jot down a couple of dates that have been set for nearby mushroom festivals this summer. The 35th annual Telluride mushroom festival in southwestern Colorado will take place on Thursday, Aug. 13 through Sunday, Aug. 16. This event is like nothing else on the mushroom calendar.

ICOM8 mycological conference taking place this year in Flagstaff

A mycorrhiza is the name for a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant. Many of our favorite edible mushrooms, such as the boletes and chanterelles, are mycorrhizal. They will not grow anywhere except under their favored species of plant, often a conifer tree.  

The morels are here, along with some other spring edibles

As we’ve discussed before, the off-season mushroom hunting in Arizona is hit or miss, and more miss than hit most winters. But there has been a decent amount of moisture in the high country so far this year, even if most of it fell as rain instead of snow in this … Continue reading

A Cave In Spain Contains the Earliest Known Depictions of Mushrooms

From Leon Shernoff’s excellent Mushroom, the Journal, an interesting article about the earliest artistic depiction of mushrooms. These were painted on a cave wall at Selva Pascuala in Spain some 6-8,000 years ago. In 2011, a multidisciplinary team of archaeologists and mycologists published a scientific paper in Economic Botany exploring the significance of … Continue reading

NAU Bark Beetle Researcher Fights Back With Fungus

  Here’s a story that should be of considerable local interest. All of us who spend time in the woods of Arizona’s high country have seen the devastation wrought by bark beetles on conifer trees weakened by drought. Over a million acres of our forests have been affected.  While all those dead trees … Continue reading

Foraying for winter oysters in Oak Creek Canyon tomorrow (18 Jan 2015)

Brian Marshall, who found oyster mushrooms in Flagstaff last month, sends us another interesting report from Oak Creek Canyon today: After spending a fantastic day of mountain biking in Sedona I spotted A TON of perfect looking Oysters on dead standing deciduous trees in Oak Creek Canyon. The stretch of riparian habitat from … Continue reading

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Arizona Mushrooms: Where and When?

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Finalists - Photo Contest 2014

Over 70 excellent photographs were submitted for the 2014 Photo Contest. These were all taken in Arizona this year. Well done, folks!

Fall and Winter Mushrooming In Arizona

Yes, there are some mushrooms to be found in Arizona in the fall and winter. You'll work for them, though.
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