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  • Continued rains in the mountains have kicked off the 2014 season. Oyster mushrooms have been found in both the White Mountains and along the Mogollon Rim, with a few other early edibles such as Neolentinus ponderosus.
  • The San Juan and Slide fires are completely contained.  Parts of the affected areas have been closed to entry until 2015. With a good El Niño winter, they should produce fire morels next spring.
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Scouting the Mogollon Rim, 13 July 2014

A delightful trip to the White Mountains on Saturday the 12th tantalized me with a pleasing dampness of the forest, promising an early start to the season, but was ultimately fruitless for edible species.

I decided to try another area that has gotten some rain so far this year.  This time the destination was the central Rim Road in the vicinity of Knoll Lake. The area had received upwards of three or four inches of rain in the previous two weeks, according to Doppler radar estimates from the National Weather Service.  My companions and I were not disappointed.

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