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As of 10/9/2014

  • The Arizona Mushroom Club has called a morel foray for Saturday. Our readers are kindly requested not to forage in the burn areas until after the club foray, unless you hike very deep into the backcountry. I have set up a ride sharing board for those who wish to carpool.
  • Dr. Leathers and his wife Rose were not injured in their car accident last week. Thank heavens, could have been a lot worse!
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The old question: Cut vs. pick?

San Juan Morels01With the great October fire morel flush of 2014 in progress, and the Arizona Mushroom Club about to go on foray in a day or two, the question arises anew: Should morels, and other species of mushrooms, be cut off flush at the base with a knife? Or should they be plucked out whole, base and all?

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