The September 2013 foray of the Arizona Mushroom Club

On Saturday, September 14th, the Arizona Mushroom Club held its second foray of the summer monsoon season on the Mogollon Rim east of Payson. We explored the area around Willow Springs Lake and the first few miles of the road to Young (FR 512). This area had received heavy rains in the days leading up to the foray, and we were not disappointed. Apart from one foraging party who briefly got lost, everything went very well and decent numbers of edibles were discovered.

An interesting finding was the presence of multiple specimens of Harrya chromapes (previously known as Boletus chromapes, Tylopilus chromapes, and Leccinum chromapes, among others). AMC member Bill Warner treated us to a discussion of this beautiful and delicious bolete earlier this week.

Here are some close-up pictures to help you recognize them. Take note of the rather dry pinkish cap, the pink scabers on the stipe, the off-white pores, the noticeably bright yellow color of the foot of the stipe, and the lack of discoloration on cutting or bruising of the flesh. Multiple authors describe this species as safe to eat. Careful taste testing according to the Dr. Leathers edibility test appears to confirm this, at least for me. However, you’ll have to get up early to beat the fungus gnat larvae to this tasty edible.

An incomplete list of species follows. Feel free to send me additions and corrections

  • King bolete/porcini, Boletus edulis
  • Chrome-footed bolete, Harrya chromapes
  • Chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius
  • Lobster mushroom, Hypomyces lactofluorum
  • Hawk wing/scaly hedgehog, Hydnum imbricatum (a.k.a. Sarcodon imbricatus)
  • Southwestern Caesar’s amanita, Amanita caesarea/A. cochiseana
  • Slippery jack, Suillus granulatus/S. lakei
  • Various Russulas, Russula spp. (including R. xerampelina)
  • Lactarius barrowsii
  • Saffron milk cap, Lactarius deliciosus
  • Fly agaric, Amanita muscaria
  • Aspen bolete, Leccinum insigne
  • Shaggy pholiota, Pholiota squarrosa
  • Puffballs, Lycoperdon/Calvatia spp.
  • Blushing amanita, Amanita rubescens
  • Panther amanita, Amanita pantherina



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