Letter from the President of NAMA – 2013 Annual Foray in Arkansas, Oct. 24-27

The Melgaards pass along the following letter from David Rust, President of the North American Mycological Society.  I have elided some organizational stuff that would be of interest only to club officers.


I am writing to NAMA affiliated club trustees to let you know that registration is open for our next annual meeting and annual foray.  I don’t have a list of those of you who have signed up, but I want to encourage you to attend if you have not already registered. More information can be found here:
Soto Conference Center
Registrar Jay Justice tells me that registration is going well; be sure to book your room now!  Don’t delay.
A preview of our 2012-2013 expenses looks good.  The drop in membership dues brought in new members.  Membership dues are our most important source of revenue. Learn more at the annual meeting.  And be sure to let folks in your club know about NAMA’s new dues structure (only $24 for affiliated club members for an electronic membership).  More information on membership at: http://www.namyco.org/join/index.html. Please help bring news of NAMA to your club members.  As club trustees, you are our best folks in the field to help spread the word!!!
Hope to see you in the Ozarks!
Here is another letter regarding the foray, taken from this month’s issue of Mycophile:

Registration for the 2013 NAMA foray has been increasing in the months following the
first announcements in The Mycophile and on our NAMA website. Currently most of the deluxe rooms have been taken, although there are quite a number of single beds still available. So that means its time to stop procrastinating, and to get your registration and waiver forms in before it’s too late!

Word on the street and in the fields is that this first ever NAMA foray in the fertile Ozark mountain forests of Arkansas is taking on the appearance of becoming a super-charged event and a shindig that you will regret missing if you don’t sign up for it quickly, before all the beds are taken. Looking at the line-up of the myco- luminaries on the list of participating mycologists, I understand why folks are excited about wanting to be part of this historic foray. To entice you to join us, we have a stellar faculty to help us identify our finds and to enlighten us about their current mycological interests. They include none other than Clark Ovrebo, Alan Bessette, Arleen Bessette, Andy Methven, Michael Kuo, Britt Bunyard, Tom Volk, Rosanne Healy, Jean Lodge, Walt Sturgeon and David Lewis.

The potential is great that some new fungal species previously unknown to science will be found at this foray. The last weekend in October offers an excellent opportunity for more of my fellow mycologists to come to Arkansas to see if they can find and collect a new mushroom or fungus that is currently undescribed. I know you will enjoy collecting the mushrooms as well as all of the other events that make a NAMA foray an unique learning and social experience.

So y’all come on down or up or sideways, from wherever you abide, and join me in the Natural State for the forthcoming fun, fungi and frivolity that will transpire the last weekend in October at the Shepard of the Ozarks conference center.

Jay Justice

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