A bonanza of Russian mushrooms

20131008-155106.jpgWhat a spectacular surfeit of the best edible mushrooms. It’s like a dream. Makes me want to go to Russia for a month next year.

I know, I know. Nothing to do with Arizona, other than to highlight how much better the mushroom picking can be in some other parts of the world.

I hear the season is very good this year in the British Isles, too.

Where’s your dream destination for mycotourism? Mine used to be northern Italy, but no longer, not after seeing these pictures.  Follow the link for dozens more.


About Christopher May

Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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2 Responses to A bonanza of Russian mushrooms

  1. I. G. Alexander says:

    I live in the Houston, Texas area where mushrooms of the main edible varieties have become scarce over the last two decades. Climate change? Pollution? Too many mycophiles? Can’t say. But, if you are interested in Russian mushrooming (and other kinds of foraging), this link will show you what Russian wilderness areas are capable of producing: http://manfreddan.livejournal.com/316704.html
    This is real fungiporn!

  2. I. G. Alexander says:

    Oops! Directed you to a link that you already were linking to. My bad.

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