The “Cornell Hoot”

An amusing blog post from the Cornell mycology department web site discusses what many generations of their students know as the “Cornell Hoot”.  It is a distinctive call or shout of “Ah-OOOOT!” that is used to keep the group together on forays.

It is used as follows:

  1. When you feel alone in the woods, you belt out “Ah-OOOOT!”
  2. When you hear someone else give the hoot, you give one too.
  3. When the group returns to the assembly point, they intermittently give the hoot loudly and in unison until the last stragglers show up.

That #3 might have saved a few others and me some embarrassment on the September foray of the Arizona Mushroom Club.

What do you think?  Should we use a call like this on our outings?  If so, what should it be?

[10/20/2013: — I propose “¡Olé!” in honor of our state’s Hispanic heritage.  If you wish to brag about a particularly excellent find, why not two: “¡OléOlé!”  When it’s time to muster at the assembly point, three in unison: “¡OléOléOlé!”  And continuous Olé’s if you need assistance…]



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