The Arizona Mushroom Forum is now on Facebook

Today I created a page on Facebook that will deal with the same topics we discuss here.  I hope to see a lot of two-way traffic between the sites.   If this makes it easier for you to upload photographs etc., we welcome your contributions.  I haven’t implemented Facebook commenting on this web site, but I will if enough people ask for it.

Like our page, and tell a friend!

[UPDATE 9/5/2014]:  The page set up at the time of the original post above has proven to be too rigidly controlled by Facebook, and subject to their gouging requests for money to make it visible to members. It has now been replaced by an open Facebook group, also called Arizona Mushroom Forum, that will allow much easier communication, collaboration and sharing between members of the Arizona mushrooming community. Anyone can request to be added to the group, and we hope you will if you’re a Facebook user.


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Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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