Interactive public-lands map from the Arizona State Land Department

Here’s a tool that may prove useful to our readers, especially those exploring new areas. The Arizona State Land Department publishes an on-line Geographical Information System (GIS) that anyone can use to look at maps that show public land boundaries within the state of Arizona.

With the press of a button you can zoom in and out, change the transparency of the public land boundaries, and overlay them on satellite imagery, topographical contours, street maps, and even the terrain maps published by National Geographic. There is no registration or cost. There is even an option to put milepost markers along the highways to help you find those old jeep trails.  The response is speedy, and the tool is compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems.

Give it a whirl! You might be able to save yourself a fine (or worse, confiscation of your beautiful mushrooms) by keeping yourself out of a state park or Indian reservation.

Overview of the state:

Public Lands Map of Arizona

Topographical view of the National Forest/White Mountain Apache border near Green Peak along FR 177:

Forest & Indian Reservation along FR-117

Satellite imagery by Reservation Lake:

Satellite Imagery of Reservation Boundary by Big Lake

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