The best calendar of upcoming fungal events

Mushroom Event CalendarI was thinking about installing an event calendar on this site to keep track of festivals, meetings, and major forays, but after checking out the Mushroom Grower’s Newsletter site, there is another alternative. They keep a detailed calendar showing interesting events all across the country, with plenty of links to the associated websites.

Very well done! I’ll put a link to their site on the sidebar. If you have an event you wish to publicize, this is a resource to keep in mind. They also have plenty of information of use to those who want to grow mushrooms for fun or profit.

I may put a calendar on here down the road someday, for a more fine-grained look at what’s happening in Arizona and neighboring states, but this calendar along with current-events bulletins on the home page should do for now.

[Addendum – 5/22/2014: A new and very functional event calendar with a more focused local/regional orientation has now been installed on this site.  Go to the Mushroom Event Calendar page to check it out. Contact the webmaster if you have an event you’d like to publicize on this site.]

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