The Foraging Wars: Extreme Eating Hits California – The Daily Beast

A thought-provoking story on foraging this evening from the Daily Beast.  It dovetails with our recent post on the problems at Salt Point State Park in California.  As foraging for mushrooms and other wild food becomes increasingly popular, the impact on the environment increases in proportion.

The locavore, slow-food, back-to-nature, urban-forager community has some questions to ask itself.  What does it really mean to live sustainably?  Is it more sustainable for tens of thousands of people in a given city to strip the nearby oceans of abalone and the local hillsides of porcini, or to eat farmed shrimp and button mushrooms from the other side of the world?

I don’t have the answers.  Luckily it seems that the question can be deferred for some time yet here in Arizona, where the ratio of foragers per acre of public land is perhaps lower than anywhere outside Alaska. Not so in the San Francisco Bay area, or Boulder, or the Berkshires….

Abalone shells

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