Fungi Compete with Meat in Burgers

"Earth & Turf" mushroom burger from Flip Burger Boutique

(Flip Burger Boutique)

From National Public Radio, a story about rapidly increasing interest in using mushrooms as an extender for ground meats, especially hamburgers.  According to this story, a hamburger made of 50% beef and 50% mushrooms is as filling as a regular burger, tastes better, has 24% less fat, and is 27% cheaper.

Worth a try!  Perhaps you could adapt the mushroom sausage recipe we discussed last fall for this purpose.


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  1. Christopher May says:

    I bet using savory wild mushrooms like porcini, cauliflower polypore, or maitake would work well here. Maybe even hawk-wings… Looks like a good use for the large, old, rather soggy porcini we find too late to be put on the table as-is.

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