A Chinese mushroom adventure at the Illinois Mycological Society

The Illinois Mycological Society recently had a “Chinese Mushroom Banquet and Indoor Apothecary Foray” that was a sold-out success.  Such a success, in fact, that they’ll be doing it again this weekend. Cost is $35 per head.

Phallus indusiatus

Phallus indusiatus (Ajaykuyiloor/WikiCommons)

The menu included the famous “Bamboo Pith Mushroom”, Phallus indusiatus, better known in English as the “Bridal Veil Stinkhorn.”  This delicacy was once reserved for the Imperial Palace, and was served to Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger at their meetings with the Chinese leadership in the 1970’s.

Who’s up for something like this down at the Chinese Cultural Center of Arizona on 44th Street and the 202?  We could do a prix fixe mushroom banquet at one of the Chinese restaurants, tour the produce department at the Super L Ranch Market, and visit the Chinese Herbal Shop in the center to learn about medicinal fungi used in traditional Chinese medicine. It could also be done in the burgeoning new Asian district along Dobson Road in Mesa and Chandler.

If you ever wanted to eat a stinkhorn, here’s your chance. Maybe for the Arizona Mushroom Club’s annual meeting in December?…

IMS Chinese mushroom banquet - p. 1

(Illinois Mycological Society)

IMS Chinese banquet, part 2

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