A personal message from Rebecca Fyffe, director of the Telluride Mushroom Festival

Rebecca Fyffe, who is in charge of the Telluride Mushroom Festival, posted this today. Barb and I are going, and hope to see some of you there too.

“Dear Friend,

I am writing you with a personal request. For 32 years, the Telluride Mushroom Festival has celebrated the rich and diverse world of mushrooms. It has been our mission to not only educate an ever-expanding audience about mycology, but to give those with a budding or established interest in mycology close access and a networking opportunity with one another. After many years of festivals, I can say with great pride that we’re succeeding. We’ve been privileged to host some of the world’s most prominent mycological experts and advocates, have offered a forum for the intellectual exploration of the role mushrooms play on our planet, and featured lectures and workshops by such esteemed specialists as Gary Lincoff, Paul Stamets, Dr. Andrew Weil, Terence McKenna, and Kat Harrison.

That said, we are facing a major challenge to the future success of the festival. This year, the Telluride Mushroom Festival began its planning for the year with a financial deficit of -$7000. We are dedicated to providing the best in mycology, but that dedication comes at a price. The cost of creating an event of this magnitude is extensive. To fly our speakers to Telluride, provide them with lodging, book our venues and promote the fest costs $60,000. The festival is depending upon you, as someone who shares a devotion and excitement for the Telluride Mushroom Festival, to help us be profitable and sustainable. All we ask is that you purchase a ticket to attend the Telluride Mushroom Festival this year. This alone will help greatly in supporting the continuation of the festival and in ensuring that we will be able to maintain our tradition of prestigious programming, forays, and the mushroom parade in years to come.

If our financial goals are met, the future of the Telluride Mushroom Festival is bright. We are extremely honored to welcome award-winning writer and lecturer Langdon Cook, Taylor Lockwood, and internationally renowned mycologist, John Holliday as our keynote speakers. This year also sees the inception of the Telluride Institute Voucher Program to include festival participants in the discovery of mushrooms that are yet undescribed by encouraging them bring their fungi to the Voucher Program Citizen Science Tent in Elk’s Park where DNA specimens of the mushrooms will be prepared. Other programing will range from mycoremediation and cultivation workshops with Tradd Cotter to classes with Alissa Allen called “Pick Mushrooms and Dye with Mycopigments,” about using mushrooms and lichens to create dyes and paints.

Please help us to continue on our mycological mission by purchasing a ticket and joining us at the Telluride Mushroom Festival this year. Your support will not only ensure that future generations of fungi enthusiasts will be able to benefit from this incredible event, but you will aid in preserving a long history of honoring the vitality of mushrooms set in the unmatched backdrop of Telluride and the San Miguel Mountains. Please help us ensure that our “Shroompa” Art Goodtimes raises his fungal scepter and leads the Mushroom Costume Parade down Main Street for years to come by helping us bridge this projected budget shortfall that may cause us to operate at a deficit in covering our speaker and venue costs this year. If we cannot get a large percentage of those who are historically comped to purchase ticket, sadly our event may not endure.

Over one third of festival attendees requested and were granted comps (FREE passes) to last year’s festival. Some of them led forays or volunteered in other small ways, but we believe that people can purchase passes and make small contributions of their time and know how too. Please know that Art Goodtimes and I are each contributing hundreds of hours of work to plan this year’s festival as volunteers, entirely without remuneration, and that we have also purchased our own tickets to attend. That’s right, Art and I each bought tickets to the TMF this year.

Please join us in showing your commitment to a sustainable and enduring Telluride Mushroom Festival by purchasing your tickets today. You can purchase a Full Festival Pass for $275, but if life has blessed you with a greater degree of abundance than most, and the Telluride Mushroom Festival means a great deal to you, please consider purchasing a VIP Festival Pass for $1,000 instead. You will find both of these options on our Event Brite ticket sales page below.

Rebecca Fyffe
Executive Director
Telluride Mushroom Festival
August 16 – 19, 2014
Pre-Conference Workshops on Friday, August 15th
TICKETS HERE: http://bit.ly/OoFcAm
773. 870. 0870 iPhone/direct

The Telluride Institute, NFP
210 Fat Alley, PO Box 1770Telluride, CO 81435
The Telluride Institute is an innovative non-profit organization that fosters the transition to a sustainable world.

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