A social-media milestone for the Arizona Mushroom Forum

Arizona Mushroom Forum on FacebookJust wanted to tip my hat to Mr. Larry Winn, who is our 100th follower on the Arizona Mushroom Forum’s Facebook page. I’m flattered and delighted that this many people, or even a much smaller handful of folks, would ever want to pay attention to my writings.

100 people is not a large number, but in conjunction with the even more numerous readers who come to the main web site every day, surely it is a large fraction of the folks in Arizona who are serious fans of the kingdom of the fungi. That’s all that matters, and I’m happy to make this connection with each and every one of you.

As you may or may not realize, Facebook has adopted an unpopular system to extract money from page owners by throttling the number of followers who see new posts. On average, only 20-30 of the 100 people who like this page are shown each new post in their news feed. That means that most of you miss out on three or four out of every five posts made on the Facebook page. Facebook constantly badgers me to pay a few bucks extra to “boost” every post, which I refuse to do on principle. This is a non-commercial labor of love, which I do for my own satisfaction even more than yours.

If you wish to be shown these posts more frequently, you can look at the “Like” button at the lower right corner of the cover picture on the main Facebook page.  If you click on the triangle, a menu pops up where you can choose “Get Notifications”.  Next to it is a button marked “+Follow” that will bump it up in your news feed.  You can also add the AMF page to your “Favorites” section in your profile, or you can “Like” our posts when you do see them in your news feed, or you can comment on them, or you can share them on your own page or with your friends. All of these actions not only ensure that you will remain more connected with the page yourself, but will also pull in other interested people who would add to the vibrancy of our interactions, which I expect to become quite lively when the monsoon season is finally here and the mushrooms are a-poppin’. If even a few people hit the “Like” button on a post, the number of page views rises astronomically, from 30 or so to 300-500+ in less than a day. So go on and push it now and then…

If you wish, you can also register on the main Arizona Mushroom Forum home page for e-mail notifications when new posts are made there. Look at the top of the sidebar on the right. This bypasses the Facebook notification system entirely, which some people will likely prefer quite heartily, and ensures that you will not miss any new posts at all. This is the optimal choice if you absolutely don’t want to miss out on any formal or informal foray opportunities that may be scheduled on short notice.

The day may come when we migrate to Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram to route around Facebook’s nickel-and-dime gouging, but for now, we’ll just put up with it. Anyway, in my view the Facebook page is pretty much a sideshow compared to the main page, even though it’s probably more convenient for readers who want to carry on a conversation with other people and post their own photos for others to see. And if you have something more than a Facebook comment or snapshot to share, and want to write an article for the main blog page, just give us a shout.

Thanks again to all of our readers for being part of this adventure. I sincerely appreciate your attention, comments, and contributions.

— Chris May

[UPDATE 9/5/2014]:  The page set up some months ago has proven to be too rigidly controlled by Facebook, and subject to their gouging requests for money to make it visible to members. It has now been replaced by an open Facebook group, also called Arizona Mushroom Forum, that will allow much easier communication, collaboration and sharing between members of the Arizona mushrooming community. Anyone can request to be added to the group, and we hope you will if you’re a Facebook user.

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Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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