Not long now…

Boletus rubriceps

Boletus rubriceps, the Rocky Mountain king bolete

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  1. Christopher May says:

    Yes, of course we all call it B. edulis, but that is a European species. The taxonomic authorities have reportedly decided that this familiar friend will henceforth be B. rubriceps (“red head”).

  2. Danny Newman says:

    Which taxonomic authorities, specifically? We at Mushroom Observer can find no record of this name anywhere but here.

    • Christopher May says:

      I saw Alan Rockefeller yesterday and asked him about this issue. The B. “rubriceps” paper was submitted about 8 months ago by Arora and Frank, and is soon to be published. He says it is a high quality paper, and he expects that by this time next year it will be well accepted.

  3. ccmaymd says:


    I’m not precisely sure, I’ve heard the name used by several folks in my local club. My understanding is that this new designation is in a forthcoming paper but not yet published, so I guess I should be putting the name in double quotes.

    I also recall hearing that there was a proposal to call it B. pinophilus, but Kuo disputes this terminology (

    There is very little about this on the internet, mostly having to do with a different species (B. luridus var. rubriceps) but the B. rubriceps name for the red-capped king bolete of the Rocky Mountains was also referenced in this article from 2 years ago:

    Perhaps it is becoming an urban legend among Southwestern foragers.

    I will be at the Telluride mushroom festival at the end of the week and will try to nail this down. Presumably I can get the straight dope from Lincoff, Rockefeller, Siegel, et al.

    I would also be interested in learning the full story on the proposed designation of our local version of Amanita caesarea as A. “cochiseana”, of which I have similarly had only hearsay reports. Do you know anything about this one?

    I will be sure to come back and update this post once I know more about the details.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and please feel free to inquire or clarify further on anything that needs it. I am only an enthusiastic intermediate-level amateur, so I really appreciate the contributions from those who know more.

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