The Arizona Mushroom Forum is now on Twitter

The AMF Facebook page is a great way for keeping people in touch. However, as we discussed recently, their nickel-and-diming policy of not notifying most page subscribers of new posts unless the page owner pays for a “boost” is frustrating for all of us.

Today we have a new feature that will route around this bottleneck. There is now an Arizona Mushroom Forum feed on Twitter, as you can see in the right sidebar on the home page. If you’re a Twitter user, connect to @AZMushroomForum, and you’ll never miss a foray announcement.

[UPDATE 9/5/2014]:   The original Facebook page has now been replaced by an open Facebook group, also called Arizona Mushroom Forum, for the reasons noted above. It will allow much easier communication, collaboration and sharing between members of the Arizona mushrooming community. Anyone can request to be added to the group, and we hope you will if you’re a Facebook user.

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Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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