This summer, Telluride will become a mushroom mecca once again

A write-up of the Telluride Mushroom Festival from last week’s Telluride Journal:

Telluride Mushroom Festival illustration

(Telluride Journal/Telluride Mushroom Festival)

This summer, Telluride will become a mushroom mecca once again.

For more than three decades, scientists, chefs, mystical trippers and other mushroom lovers have journeyed to Telluride every summer for a taste of this mycological bounty. But according to Gary Lincoff, a veteran mycologist who wrote the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms and helped found the Telluride Mushroom Festival in 1981, festival attendees also come for the quirky, tight knit atmosphere of the festival itself. 

The festival’s vibe, Lincoff wrote in an email, is, “…almost a kind of extended family, almost tribal, in which mushrooms are the focus of what brings people of different backgrounds and political and social beliefs together…” 

I’ve loved Telluride since I was a teenager, and will attend this festival for the first time this coming August 16-19.  There is a possibility that it will conflict with the Arizona Mushroom Club foray, which may take place the same weekend, but I expect it will be worth it. If you’re going to be there too, let me know and we’ll have a little Arizona meet-and-greet at one of the many fine restaurants or coffee shops in Telluride.

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