Don’t put this blue-staining, bitter bolete in your basket!

Here’s an oddball from our trip to the Mogollon Rim on 08-27-2014.  It’s a blue-staining, yellow-pored bolete with a tan, cracked cap and a pinkish-tinged, finely reticulated, relatively narrow and even stipe. I believe it could be a Boletus rubripes or B. calopus, but it’s a new species for me. I was not at all interested in performing an edibility test on this highly suspect species, and in any case it was far too bitter-tasting to eat, so it was discarded after resecting a thin section for a herbarium submission.

Here’s a video showing the conspicuous, rapid blue staining when the pores are bruised or the flesh is cut:

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Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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