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I’ve posted a recipe or two from the “use real butter” food blog before, and cooked three or four others. The writer is an unparalleled combination of excellent cook, spectacular photographer, lucid writer, and observant naturalist. Her illustrated recipes are some of the most luscious food porn you will ever see. If she publishes a cookbook someday, I predict it will do very well.

Recipe: Porcini Mushroom Lasagne

(use real butter)

Recently she foraged some fresh young king boletes from the Colorado mountains where she lives, and has just published a recipe for Porcini Mushroom Lasagne that looks ridiculously, mouthwateringly good. It is an adaptation, adding diced prosciutto to wild-food writer Langdon Cook’s recipe from Fat of the Land— which itself is an adaptation from Marcella Hazen’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Everything old is new again!

I have about two pounds of clean young Boletus edulis and Harrya chromapes in my refrigerator right now, collected on the western Mogollon Rim yesterday. The temptation to make this recipe is almost overpowering. Alas, however, I am on a successful and strict low-carb diet, and they will instead most likely get eaten with a lean steak and some grilled vegetables! To those of you who are similarly blessed with the bounty of the forest, but under no dietary constraints, I think you had better give this a whirl. Do let us know your thoughts after eating it, too…

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