Looking back at the big storm, and ahead to season’s end

Hurricane Norbert is now history, and the rains it brought will likely usher in the final flush of the season.


The 7-day rain map above shows plenty of orange and red splotches in the low-lying areas of Maricopa and Pinal counties, where more than 5 inches of rain fell in some locations. The unhappy consequences were all over the news these past few days. I hope all our readers came through it safely.

Sadly, the outcome for us mushroom enthusiasts was less favorable than we might have hoped. It appears the moisture in the storm was mostly wrung out over the desert, and rainfall in the high country did not meet the forecast high expectations.

However, there are some places that got a decent amount of rain and should be worth one last trip. Light green on the map indicates half an inch, dark green is an inch, and yellow is over two inches of rainfall. (Of course, these are radar estimates, and may not accurately reflect ground-station measurements. See Rainlog or Weather Underground to check out local readings.)

You can see that the western Mogollon Rim, from approximately Knoll Lake to Long Valley, got a good soaking. The area around Big Dry Wash and Kehl Spring looks particularly wet.

Prescott got another dousing too, coming on top of some of the heaviest rainfall in the state during the month of August. There are some high points nearby, such as Mingus Mountain and Mt. Union, that approach 8000 feet of elevation and ought to be showing some fungal fruiting.

Flagstaff got only a modest amount of rain in the immediate vicinity of the city and on the San Francisco Peaks, but areas to the south did better. Consider looking in the vicinity of the airport, Lake Mary, Munds Park, and Mormon Mountain.

Some of the largest amounts of mountain rains fell in Southern Arizona. Mt. Lemmon, in particular, looks to have had four or five inches. The Huachucas did well too.

I have still not heard whether the Arizona Mushroom Club will be taking a season-ending foray this weekend, but will pass along news as soon as I get it. We have had mid-September outings in each of the past two years, so keep your Saturday free for a call on short notice.

I’m going out for a look tomorrow between Flagstaff and the west Rim. Any hot spots I find will be passed along to the Club for foray planning, but embargoed on this site until Saturday so they don’t get picked out before the foray.


There is reason for optimism. Mike Dechter found some porcini near Flagstaff yesterday, as well as a western giant puffball (Calvatia booniana) over the weekend. Bill Warner hit lobsters and honey mushrooms south of Flag on Sunday. This season is not over!


If Dr. Leathers decides not to call an outing, I’ll go back Saturday to any good places I found, and then over to Mingus Mountain and Prescott. I’d love to cross paths with any Forum readers that might be in the field tomorrow or Saturday.

If you go out before the weekend and find an accessible place with more good edibles than you can use, consider passing it along to the Mushroom Club instead of posting it here on the blog or Facebook page.

Happy hunting!


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  1. Curious: which website did the rainfall image in this post come from? Thx!

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