One-day foray on the Rim scheduled for Saturday 9-13-2014


It’s on for Saturday! Got this letter from Gary Melgaard tonight:


Hi fellow shroomer.

Dr. Leathers has scheduled a one day foray for Saturday, September 13th, 2014.

Please remember that this foray is to educate our members about the various species of mushrooms growing in Arizona and not to harvest the maximum number available or try to beat everyone to them. Our members both current and former are asked to refrain from foraging in known club locations prior to the foray so that we may maximize our educational opportunities.

Sandy and I will be at the McDonalds (S.E. corner of Beeline Hwy & Hwy 260) at 8 AM. We will leave as a group at 8:30 to meet with Dr. Leathers. Please be prompt (and have your fuel topped off) as stragglers often miss out on the days foray.

Bring lunch, beverages and water for the day. Suggested additional items are; picnic chairs, hat, rain gear, mosquito repellant, small paper lunch bags to keep specimens separate, collecting bags or baskets, mushroom books, soft bristle brush, soft rags, collecting knife, walking stick, compass or GPS, whistle, camera and other provisions for use as needed.

For those wishing to stay overnight in Payson, Motel/Hotel accommodations are available at the Comfort Inn 206 S Beeline, Payson 928-472-7484 (Breakfast, Indoor Pool & Hot Tub, no pets), Super 8 + Suites at 809 E Hwy 260, Payson, 800-800-8000 (Breakfast, Micro + Fridge, Heated Pool), Days Inn & Suites 301 S Beeline, Payson 928-474-9800 (Breakfast, Indoor Pool & Hot Tub), Motel 6 1005 S Beeline, Payson 928-474-2382 (Pet friendly, Mini-Fridge in room, Microwave in lobby)

We will disband after lunch (or after an afternoon foray if conditions warrant) for a return to the valley.

Gary Melgaard, Membership Steward, Arizona Mushroom Club


I’ll be there, but can’t take any riders as I’ll be going on to Prescott that night.

I would add Kohl’s Ranch to the list of hotels. Very comfortable and historic, and plenty of other things to do like fishing and horseback riding. A little more spendy, but worth considering if you want to make a weekend of it with your family.

Please take note of Gary’s request not to pick our usual sites clean before the outing. This has been a problem in the past. I’m not going to say where they are in this post, but they’re not a great secret. They are areas that combine easy accessibility with good quantities of fungal production, and are thus a relatively tempting target for unscrupulous pickers. Please don’t loot them!

And if you do manage to find a huge mother lode during the Club foray, it’s nice either to leave some and let your friends have a go at them, or to bring them back and share your good fortune like we did at the Happy Hour in August. We have some longtime older members that can’t cover the same amount of ground as the young folks, and if our educational foray turns into a madcap Easter egg hunt, they will end up without anything worth taking home. Look around and see who could use some of your surplus.

If you really want to bust out afterwards for a full basket of porcini, come with me much deeper into the backcountry. I’ll be driving the entire Rim Road from east to west after the Club foray. I’m scouting the area tomorrow afternoon, and hope to have found some areas worth revisiting on the weekend.


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