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Gary Lincoff

Several folks have been asking about recommendations for field guides to mushrooms on our Facebook group page. For them, or others who may be interested, I suggest you read the thorough “Guide to Guides” from Mushroom, the Journal. This is a periodical that is itself worth a subscription from anyone interested in the topic.

In addition to those mentioned at the link, I would also recommend the Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America, by Davis et al.

The picture above is of me with Gary Lincoff, the author of the Audubon guide, who is signing his book for me at Trout Lake in Colorado during this year’s Telluride Mushroom Festival.


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2 Responses to A Guide to Guides | Mushroom, the Journal

  1. LarryA says:

    Don’t forget Mushrooms Demystified, 2nd ed., by David Arora. It is available at Amazon for the price I paid for it when it first came out in 1986, $25. It is a veritable PhD thesis on mushrooms with amusing anecdotes.

  2. Roy Smith says:

    Yes indeed. The linked article features this book prominently.

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