Arizona Mushroom Club morel foray called for this weekend


(Anthoni Goodman)

In follow-up to our last post on fire morels, we are pleased to learn that neither Dr. Leathers nor Rose was seriously injured in their accident. Dr. Leathers and the foray coordinator, Terry Beckman, have decided that conditions are right for a morel foray this coming Saturday in the White Mountains. If you have not received an email from the club regarding this event, please contact Gary Melgaard, Membership Director.

Our readers are asked to refrain from collecting in the area Friday or Saturday. If you do, make sure it is well into the backcountry, and away from any major road where the Club foray might be taking place. If you know of large accessible fruitings, please pass along particulars to the Club leadership.

I was going to give you guys some more information about my most recent visit to the site,  but will instead pass it along to the Club for foray planning purposes and embargo release of ti until after the foray is over. I regret that I won’t be able to come on the foray myself, so send me pictures if you go!

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