Ride sharing to the Arizona Mushroom Club meeting


Remember that this web site has a ride-sharing page on Zimride that you can use to hitch a ride to the Arizona Mushroom Club winter potluck or any other destination you desire. I’ve just added a Zimride event with the time and place info for the December 11 potluck and club meeting.

The major limitation is that you need to be a Facebook user before you can sign up for Zimride. This is part of their required verification procedure to make it safer for everyone. It allows people who are contemplating a ride-share to check each other out for compatibility, find people who will vouch for them, look for mutual friends, etc.

Unfortunately, some people are not on Facebook, and some who especially value their privacy never will be. That’s OK, there is another option here on the site. You can use the discussion boards for the same purpose, at your own risk.

Tana Karen and Amanita muscaria

I have a friend in Prescott, Tana Karen, pictured at left. She is a member of the Club whom you may know from prior forays. She wants to come to the meeting but prefers not to drive at night in unfamiliar cities. If you will be coming down from the Prescott area, please contact me or leave a response in the discussion topic for this event. I can vouch for her honesty and pleasant company.

As always, note that these services are not sponsored by or affiliated in any way with the Arizona Mushroom Club.

See you at the meeting!


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Chris is a radiologist in private practice in Scottsdale. He is married to Barbara May, with two grown children, Megan and Nick.
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