Photo contest for next month’s AZ Mushroom Club meeting

In recognition of the many wonderful photographs our readers have been sending to this blog and posting on the Facebook page, I have been requested to collect some of the year’s best pictures for a slide show at the winter meeting of our Mushroom Club on December 11.

We’ve seen some absolutely eye-popping images over the course of the season, and it’s going to be great to get a chance to recognize the talent of those who created them. Anthoni Goodman, Rob Mize, Kevin Widner, and Serge Klokov deserve special mention for their numerous exquisite photographic contributions to this site, but many other people have sent beautiful pictures as well.

To help me with the job of sorting through all these fantastic photos, I thought that our readers and contributors would enjoy a contest to pick the very best images of the year.

The rules are simple: Select up to three of the best photographs of fungi that you took in Arizona this year. Send them via the contact form on this web site, or post them in the 2014 Photo Contest Submission album on our Facebook page. If you use Facebook, make sure to upload the high resolution version. (As always, any submissions to this page or the Facebook group may be reproduced by the Arizona Mushroom Forum, with proper attribution to the photographer.)

I will go through the pix that have already been submitted and pick out the ones that catch my eye, but you may want to bring your best work to my attention again in case I miss it amongst the avalanche of great photos we got earlier this year.

Brag photos of full baskets on your kitchen table are always welcome on this page, but will not win this contest. Instead, show us your most appealing and natural images of the mushrooms in situ, or a detailed close-up educational display of the life cycle of a particular species, or perhaps an unstaged human-interest photo of your fellow mushroom hunters enjoying themselves in our great outdoors.

All the pictures that I select will be part of the slide show for the meeting, along with many more of my own. Of those taken by others, I’ll pick 12 of the best, and post them in a Facebook album and in a gallery on this website. You can vote for your favorites by “Liking” the pictures on the Facebook page. If you’re not a Facebook user, tell us your picks in the comments on the gallery page after it gets posted.

If the glory of winning recognition by your fellow Arizona mushroom enthusiasts is not enticing enough, I’ll also be offering a couple of prizes. First prize is an entire Candy Cap (Lactarius rubideus) cheesecake, as enjoyed at last year’s potluck. Second prize is a batch of morels from the San Juan fire that weighed over a pound before I dried it. (The first-prize winner has the option of exchanging the cheesecake for the morels, if desired).

We’ve got less than a couple of weeks before the meeting, so let’s get your submissions in this week. On this coming Saturday, I’ll post the top 12, and you can begin voting for your favorites. The winner will be announced at the meeting. You need not be present to win.


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