2014 Photography Contest Winners

Many thanks to all who sent photographs for consideration in our 2014 photography contest. We had more than 70 to choose from, submitted by over two dozen entrants.  The 15 pictures I selected for the final round have now been voted upon, primarily on the Facebook group page, and Jeff Rogers and Paula Redinger ended up tied for first place. Anthoni Goodman got third place.  Congratulations! These were gorgeous.

First, Paula Redinger’s beautiful turkey-tails:

Trametes versicolor - Paula Redinger

Trametes versicolor – Paula Redinger

Next, Jeff’s oyster mushroom tree:

Pleurotus pulmonarius - Jeff Rogers

Pleurotus pulmonarius – Jeff Rogers

Finally, my own favorite and what I think is the iconic picture for the 2014 season, Anthoni Goodman’s lusciously backlit fire morel. I’ve already dreamed about this picture:

Morchella sextelata - Anthoni Goodman

Morchella sextelata – Anthoni Goodman

It’s gratifying that so many folks are interested in showing us what they saw out in the woods this year, and amazing what good quality pictures everyone brought back.  I am looking forward to even stiffer competition next year.

If you want some tips to bring up your game next year, here are a few I have found helpful:

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