Arizona Mushroom Club foray scheduled for Saturday

Just received word from the Arizona Mushroom Club that they will be going out on a group foray in the White Mountains this coming Saturday. Full details and a map to the meeting place are on the event calendar. Everyone is invited; it is free for first-time attendees, and only $12/yr for membership thereafter.

We have been seeing good production of fire morels on the San Juan in the past couple of weeks following the wet weather this spring. It’s not as great as it was last fall, but strong hikers have exceeded 20 lbs. per day. The following gallery was acquired yesterday and today:

With luck, there will be some more rain this week from the remnants of Hurricane Blanca, and another fresh fruiting, but it is also possible that the flush is drying out and reaching its tail end. Do not be disappointed if the hunting is not as good as you’ve seen on this page the past couple of weeks. Such are the vagaries of mushroom hunting in this dry state with its erratic weather.

Naturally, the exact location of the outing is being withheld until the day of the foray, and will ultimately depend on the rainfall this week and the findings of the club’s scouts in the field.

An important note for everyone: An organized group foray of this nature often includes neophytes with little or no experience, as well as older or disabled folks who find it difficult to do such an outing on their own.  It is also the case that group forays require a fair amount of parking in areas that can be reached without high-clearance 4WD vehicles.

The Club therefore requests that until Saturday, we all refrain from picking any morels within a couple hundred yards of the main forest roads that are accessible to passenger cars. This seems perfectly reasonable to me; if you are an experienced morel hunter seeking to fill your basket you undoubtedly are capable of getting well into the backcountry. Remember the Golden Rule, keeping in mind the novice you once were and the elderly person you will become, and leave the easy pickings for them. And for sure leave the small morels that are no bigger than your thumb to grow a little more before the weekend.

Egregious violations of this request will result in expulsion from this site and the Facebook page, if you are caught!


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