2015 Photo Contest kicks off

Kevin Widner - 2015 Photo Contest

(Kevin Widner)

Time again for the annual Arizona Mushroom Forum photo contest.  We had some enthusiastic participation and great photos last year, but I think the competition is even more intense in the 2015 photo contest. I have created an album on our Facebook page where you can see them all and vote for your favorites.

There are over 170 photos, and this year all of them were submitted via our Facebook group rather than this web site. Therefore, I didn’t try to upload them all to this site, although I will post a top-25 album here after the contest is over. If you’d like to see them all, perhaps now is the time to join our Facebook group where the discussion is far more lively. Note that it is a closed group, so you’ll need to request admission before you can see the pictures and vote on them. (Our apologies to those who refuse to use Facebook, but it results in MUCH more interaction between members than a regular web page. It is possible to make a very secure and private Facebook account for this purpose only.)

Most of these are photos that people selected to enter in the competition, but I chose dozens more of particular merit from among the hundreds of photos and albums that you all posted this year. Take a few minutes to look through them and mark “Like” on those you particularly favor. The names have been stripped off, but feel free to tag yourself or comment about the picture if you recognize one of your own.

It is also possible for you to add additional images to this album if you have some that you are especially proud of but didn’t previously get posted, or if you did post them but they were overlooked amidst the hundreds of others.But you better hurry, most people aren’t going to look through that many pictures twice!

Remember, the rules require the photo to be: 1) taken in Arizona, 2) during 2015. I will award two prizes, one for natural pictures taken in situ before the mushroom is picked, and one for those containing people and/or picked mushrooms.

I will announce the winner at the Arizona Mushroom Club meeting on December 10th. Hope to see you there.

The prize will be your choice of an ounce of dried porcini or dried morels, plus the envy and admiration of your friends.

David Arora - Horn of Twenty - 2015 Photo Contest

(David Arora)

This is the famous “Horn of Twenty” photograph that some of you may have heard about or seen on our Facebook page earlier this year. Twenty different good edibles found in one day’s hunt– an excellent example of how fine the mushroom hunting in Arizona can be at its peak. The photograph was taken by the well-known mushroom guru David Arora on a visit to the White Mountains in August. You can see Kevin Widner’s snapshot of the photo shoot at the top of the page. This picture has a good chance of appearing in the forthcoming revised edition of Arora’s invaluable magnum opus, Mushrooms Demystified. Published here by permission of Mr. Arora; all other rights to publication are strictly reserved to him. I considered entering it in the contest, but felt it wasn’t really fair to all our amateurs. Plus I know David has no need of more dried morels or porcini.

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