New DVD introduction to Arizona’s edible mushrooms

(Jim Warnecke)

(Jim Warnecke)

Arizona Mushroom Society member Jim Warnecke is a retired biologist for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and along with his wife Dana, an experienced and enthusiastic hunter of Arizona’s most prized edible mushrooms.

Jim is also a photographer and filmmaker who has spent years making a record of the bounty of mushrooms that grow in this state. Recently, his company Fish Head Productions announced the release of a new educational DVD that is sure to become the standard introduction to the most sought-after species of mushrooms in our state. The list includes morels, puffballs, shaggy manes, chanterelles, 3 kinds of boletes, oyster mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, cauliflower mushrooms, and the unique Caesar’s amanita of the American Southwest. If one hunted only the 11 species presented in this introduction, it would still be enough for a lifetime of tasty pleasures.

Titled “Arizona’s 11 Most Edible Mushrooms“, this professionally produced 21-minute short film contains some of the most lush and illustrative cinematography of fungi that I have ever seen. You’ll see all the distinguishing features of these choice edibles in clear, close-up detail.

This DVD can be recommended to any novice mushroom hunter who needs to develop an eye for the features of our local edibles, or for an experienced out-of-state visitor who wants to learn about the varieties he or she can expect to find here.

If you’d like to get a copy for yourself or someone you know, it can be ordered directly from the publisher at the following link:


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