About the Fellowship of the Fire Morel

(Lisa Goodwin)

(Lisa Goodwin)

This website is free of charge, and open to all. Anyone may register as a user and contribute to the vast majority of our discussions.

There is only one entirely private discussion board, designated “Fellowship of the Fire Morel“. It is also free of charge, but limited to people with an Arizona connection who are not involved in commercial mushroom foraging and sales.  This board is intended for discreet discussions of economically valuable wild mushroom varieties such as Morchella, Cantharellus, Boletus, etc. It is not indexed on search engines and is not accessible without specific approval from the Arizona Mushroom Forum webmaster.

Our intention with this discussion board is to ensure that as many local recreational mushroom hobbyists as possible have a chance to harvest moderate amounts of these species for personal use, without alerting commercial pickers to their flushes.

Please note that we strongly support the Arizona Mushroom Club and will notify them first when fruitings are found in quantities sufficient to call an organized foray. Moreover, when they call a foray, this forum requires its members to respect any areas they have declared off-limits until after the event.

Commercial pickers, be advised: Finding fire morels is a question of timing, not location. Everyone knows where the forest fires have occurred. We have many members who live in the immediate area of the burns, and they will be checking them frequently when the climatic conditions are suitable. You, on the other hand, are not likely to have any scouts here. Even if you manage to sneak onto this discussion forum, we will get the word out to our hundreds of members before you can possibly make the long journey down to Arizona, and they will be out in the morel patch so quickly that there is no way you can make the trip pay off for you. Don’t bother. Stay in the Northwest where the quantities are so much greater and the season so much longer. Thanks!

If you wish to have access to this discussion board, there are several different categories of people who automatically qualify:

  • Registered user on the Forum prior to October 6, 2014
  • Member in good standing of the Arizona Mushroom Club
  • Introduced by a current member of the Fellowship
  • Introduced by two members or one officer of the Club
  • Active, contributing member of the Arizona Mushroom Forum group on Facebook
  • Personally known to the Arizona Mushroom Forum editor
  • Submitted a tip allowing the Arizona Mushroom Club to call a successful organized foray, or allowing the Arizona Mushroom Forum to hold a “Virtual Foray” if the Club does not go out en masse.

You can also request admittance directly. The more you can tell about your mushrooming experience and intentions, the more likely you will be approved.

If the link above does not take you to the Forum, you have not yet been admitted. Please register as a Forum user, and then contact the Forum editor directly.

To reiterate our rules, you may not:

  • Use this resource for commercial purposes
  • Forage in areas that have been embargoed for organized Arizona Mushroom Club forays
  • Conceal new discoveries of significant flushes without submitting tips to your fellow mushroom hobbyists here
  • Hog unreasonable amounts of mushrooms

“Unreasonable amounts of mushrooms” is not clearly defined, and certainly those who find the mushrooms first are entitled to take the largest share of them home. As a rough rule of thumb, it seems reasonable to take a basket full of any mushrooms you find, in order to assure you have a few meals’ worth. After that, continue to fill your baskets, but you ought to be leaving at least half of the morels behind for your friends, especially those that are smaller than your thumb, and especially early in the season. You also need to let us know they are out there, if it is an area that has not previously been reported on the forum. Violators will be expelled at the Editor’s discretion if they are discovered.

Let’s see if we can make this a success for the spring morel season. If you have suggestions about the best way to make this work, please comment below.

Happy hunting and full baskets! Follow the Golden Rule!


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