About the Arizona Mushroom Forum

Pleurotus ostreatus oyster mushroom pileusThis blog has been created by Christopher May, M.D., a resident of Scottsdale and a member of the Arizona Mushroom Club. It is not an official publication of the Club, but any club business coming to our attention will be posted at the top of the main page– in particular, any announcements of upcoming forays and meetings.

This site’s emphasis is on amateur foraging for wild edible fungi in the Arizona high country, and general mycological education. Cultivation, photography, medicinal uses, and advanced scientific topics may also come up from time to time. Commercial harvesters and enthusiasts of illegal hallucinogenics should look elsewhere.

Anyone is invited to comment on posts, and to start topics in the discussion forums, but article posting privileges on the main blog are reserved for officers of the Arizona Mushroom Club and other invited contributors.

We have a page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which may be added to from time to time as this site matures.  If this does not answer your inquiry, please get in touch with us using the contact form.  

You are also invited to share photos from an outing, or anything else potentially interesting to your fellow Arizona mushroom enthusiasts.  The contact form allows you to attach image files and other documents to your message, but only with the understanding that it may end up posted on the blog, with appropriate credit to you, unless you specifically request otherwise.  

Also, do not hesitate to contact us via the same form if you see something in need of a correction.

Wild mushrooms can injure or kill you.  Please do not use any of the information on this blog to forage for edible mushrooms without reading, understanding, and applying our terms of service and safety warnings.

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