Terms of Service & Safety Considerations

Terms of Service

These terms of service pertain equally to the Arizona Mushroom Forum proper, and the Arizona Mushroom Forum group on Facebook.

By using these services, you expressly acknowledge that collecting and eating wild mushrooms is an intrinsically dangerous activity that can result in serious injury, disability, or death.

You agree that the material on these sites is presented for general informational and educational purposes only, and under no circumstances is to be considered a substitute for identification of an actual biological specimen by a person qualified to make that judgment.

You acknowledge that material posted on these sites is the personal opinion of the individual making each post or comment rather than the official position of the website editor or any other organization, unless otherwise specified.

You agree to hold harmless any and all individuals posting information or comments on these sites, in addition to the website proprietor, for any injury suffered as a result of eating wild mushrooms in connection with your participation in this community.

You agree that if you make arrangements to ride-share or foray with other members of the AMF community, all the inherent and obvious risks of traveling with strangers to remote and isolated areas are yours and yours alone.

You agree that you will not use these sites for trafficking in illegal species of hallucinogenic fungi, nor any discussions or demonstrations of techniques intended for illicit cultivation of these species, nor engage in any other illegal or undesirable activity pertaining to these species.

You agree not to use these sites for activities related to large-scale commercial harvesting, purchase or sale of wild edible mushrooms. Furthermore, if you buy, sell, or trade wild mushrooms on a casual non-commercial basis with other members of the Arizona Mushroom Forum community, you agree that this is done at your sole risk, and that only fungi in the following genera will be so offered for sale or trade:

Boletus, Leccinum, Suillus, Pleurotus, Laetiporus, Morchella, Cantharellus, Sparassis, Grifola, Ganoderma, Trametes, and Calvatia.

You agree not to post anything here that is (in the sole judgment of the proprietor of the Arizona Mushroom Forum) abusive, harassing, racist, sexist, obscene, illegal, flagrantly and persistently off-topic, or offering goods or services for sale that are unrelated to the scope and purpose of this forum.

You agree that repeated or egregious violations of these terms will result in loss of posting privileges for your user account and/or IP address, and could result in referral to law enforcement authorities if warranted.

Please see our FAQ for a more detailed discussion of what activities are and are not permitted here.

Mushroom Safety

The Boston Mycologic Society has published an excellent guide to Eating Mushrooms Safely. You should read and understand the information in this guide before attempting to eat wild mushrooms.

The Puget Sound Mycological Society also has some sound advice for mushroom eaters.

Our own Dr. Chester Leathers has a method of edibility testing that he recommends for those who wish to try a species of mushroom that is new to them but which they believe to be edible and safe.

If you think you have eaten a toxic or poisonous mushroom, you should immediately call the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222.

Personal Safety

This website and its proprietor have not made any inquiry into the character or criminal record of users of our services, nor can they accept any responsibility for the consequences of your choice of ride sharing or foraging partners. By using the Arizona Mushroom Forum web site and Facebook group, you expressly acknowledge these risks and your sole responsibility to avoid them.

It’s strongly recommended that you check out any potential companion’s connections on Facebook, and ask for personal references if possible.

After arranging your ride or foray, but before you meeting up with your new companion, you should each exchange information about the other: name, address, driver’s license number, cell phone number, personal description, vehicle description, and license plate number. Send the info to someone you trust, along with your destination and the estimated time you are planning to return.

Once you meet in person, check to ensure the information is the same as you were previously sent. Snap pictures of each other with the vehicle and its license plate in plain view behind you, and text them to your trusted friend or family member. Keep someone posted throughout your travels, especially if there is any change to your previously stated plan.

NOTE: The Zimride ride-sharing service that this site previously recommended has ceased operations.

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