Mushroom Event Calendar

Mushroom Event CalendarThis calendar is intended to provide notice of forays and meetings of the Arizona Mushroom Club and other clubs in the West, as well as regional festivals and other fungal-related functions that would be of interest to mushroom fans in Arizona and neighboring states. Important events elsewhere, such as the annual NAMA foray, will also be posted. Select tags and categories below to narrow the selection down, e.g. to a particular state. Note that the Arizona Mushroom Club's forays are heavily dependent on the vagaries of summer rains and winter snows, and will typically be called with only a week or two of notice.  They will be posted here, of course, but also on the headline post on the home page, and at the official Arizona Mushroom Club website. You can usually expect a foray in mid to late August and another in early September.  In good years, three or four late-summer/early-fall forays may be held. A morel foray may also be called in April or early May if conditions warrant it. The Annual Meeting is held in early December and will be announced weeks or months ahead of time. If you are organizing an event that you would like to publicize here, please send us the details and we will be pleased to list it. A more general national list of events can be seen at the Mushroom Growers' Newsletter, and another on the North American Mycology Association website. There are also some blog posts on this site that deal with event announcements and follow-up reports in more depth.

There are no upcoming events to display at this time.

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