Fall and winter mushrooming in Arizona

The epic 2013 monsoon season has come to a close, and the cold and snow are settling on our favorite hunting grounds in the high country. And so the Arizona … Continue reading

Trees of Arizona Field Guide

Trees of Arizona Field Guide

Practically every fungal species of culinary interest is either mycorrhizal (growing underground in symbiosis with the roots of living trees) or saprotrophic (feeding off dead wood or other decaying plant matter.)  Beginning mushroom … Continue reading

Recording your finds at the Mushroom Observer

Time for a little science!  There is a great database on the Internet called the Mushroom Observer.  It’s like a supercharged, shared logbook that allows you to record every detail … Continue reading

How Mushrooms Can Save the World (Discover Magazine)

  Discover magazine this summer published a long and interesting story on fungal evangelist Paul Stamets. He is the owner of the well-known mushroom emporium Fungi Perfecti, and author of several … Continue reading

Where and when do you look for mushrooms in Arizona?

summer monsoon rains in arizona

Arizona, like California, benefits from large variations in terrain elevation that allow one to explore very different biomes with only a short drive.  Those whose perception of the state has been shaped … Continue reading