2014 Telluride Mushroom Festival

08/16/2014 – 08/19/2014 all-day
Rebecca Fyffe
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The 33rd Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival | August 15 – 19, 2014

Tickets, Lodging, and Travel
Full Festival Passes are now only $275!
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Keynotes Announced
We are so pleased to announce the confirmation of keynotes,  Langdon Cook,  John Hollidayand Taylor Lockwood.

Presenters and Special Guests
Dive into Gary Lincoff‘s Telluride Mushrooom checklist.
Art Goodtimes leads the Mushroom Parade through Telluride, Colorado

(Telluride Institute)

© Chad Wallace / Telluride Festivarian 2013

TMF will be incorporating clips from Sara Dosa’s award-winning film, The Last Season (“Official Film Selection” at San Francisco Int’l Film Festival and Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival), into presentations.

The 33rd Telluride Mushroom Festival–August 16 through 19, 2014, with Pre-Conference Workshops on August 15th–celebrates the many uses of fungi (all things mycology).  Fungi serve many purposes–from breaking down plant cellulose in nature to creating nutrients for plants, to serving as food and medicine for people, to acting as bio-remediators to filter and break down toxic land like oil spills and agricultural run off. This year’s theme is “Mushroom Science.”  Please help the Telluride Institute in supporting this unique event!

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