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    Christopher May

    The epic 2013 monsoon season has come to a close, and the cold and snow are settling on our favorite hunting grounds in the high country. And so the A
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    Mike Dechter

    Found 2.5 pounds of oysters in the Verde Valley today. Not bad for late November!

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    Christopher May

    That’s excellent Mike! Along the river bottoms, on cottonwoods, I presume? Post some pictures!

    I bet the flush is going to continue for a little longer, after the heavy rains we’ve just had. My cousin’s place in Cordes Junction got almost 4 inches in the last 3 days.

    I may try to come up for a quick outing later this week. Happy hunting.

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    Mike Dechter

    Yep, the riparian areas. I found a few oyster flushes but only on tree stumps. I’m guessing on cottonwoods, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.
    Oysters found growing in the Verde Valley 11/24

    I also found a dead alder (?) with what appeared to be a fan paxillus growing all over it. I’ve never come across this before. Arora’s bible didn’t have much info on it. If anyone can confirm or educate me on this one I’d appreciate it.
    Fan paxillus?
    gills of suspected paxillus

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    Christopher May

    That’s more like it! Nice! I am going to have to go looking for oysters tomorrow or the next day.

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    Christopher May

    There’s a lot of private land along the Verde. You can stay legal with the aid of some good maps at the Verde River Greenway site. These maps also show where trees are growing.

    Verde River cottonwoods in the fall

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    Christopher May

    Here’s a page of Podaxis pistillaris recipes:


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    Mike Dechter

    Try these
    Pleurotus populinus

    Fan Paxillus?

    Fan Paxillus? Gills

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