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    Deuce Jacobs

    I have seen many of these mushrooms in the White Mountains, in the aspen/fir and lower in the pine/oaks. Very prolific in the oaks. Tawny, cinnamon, or brown to reddish cap, dry and often cracked. Thick and meaty cap, convex to flat.
    Gills are slightly decurrent. Couldn’t get a spore print, but will append this question later after I do (next week?).
    Stipe is sometimes bulbous and rooted with no ring.

    Very little smell or taste. My guess is Tricholoma fracticum, but I really, really hate to guess whe it comes to mushrooms! Could be another Trich, or possibly one of the cortinarius species.

    Any help? This is such a common mushroom, I am thinking if it were edible and good, it would be mentioned in the literature.

    I am new to the forum and welcome any comments as to style, more data?


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