Mushroom Seasons in Arizona

Aspen bolete
(Leccinum insigne)
XXXXXXWith aspen above 7500'
Barrows' Bolete
(Boletus barrowsii)
XXXXX6500-9000' w/pines
(Amanita novinupta)
XXXXOccasionally profuse
Caesar's Amanita
(Amanita "cochiseana")
OXXXX6000'-9000', with pines
Cauliflower Mushroom
(Sparassis americana var. arizonica)
XXXXXAbove 8000'
(Cantharellus cibarius)
XXXXXOAbove 7000', shady areas
Chicken of the Woods
(Laetiporus sulphureus)
Dryad's Saddle
(Polyporus squamosus)
XXXXXXAmong earliest summer fruiters
Giant puffball
(Calvatia spp.)
Giant Sawgill
(Neolentinus ponderosus)
OXXXOEarly fruiting, only on dead pine
(Sarcodon imbricatus)
XXXXXXXXXAbove 7000'
Hedgehog Mushroom
(Hydnum spp.)
OXXOCold tolerant; late season
Hen of the Woods
(Grifola frondosa)
OOOOn hardwood; rare in AZ
Honey Mushroom
(Armillaria mellea)
Inky Cap
(Coprinopsis atramentaria)
OOXXXXXXXXHardy, long season
Lion's Mane
(Hericium spp.)
XXXXOCold tolerant; late season
Lobster Mushroom
(Hypomyces lactifluorum)
OXXXXXOOOAbove 6000', often found in profusion
Meadow/Horse mushrooms
(Agaricus spp.)
XXXXXXOA. bitorquis in desert; many spp. in mtns.
Milk Caps
(Lactarius spp.)
XXXXXXAbove 7000'
(Morchella spp.)
XXOOOOMostly fire morels; occasional naturals w/ cottonwoods
Oyster Mushroom
(Pleurotus spp.)
OOXXXXXXXXXXOMtns in summer, river bottoms in fall/winter
(Lycoperdon spp.)
Rocky Mtn. King Bolete
(Boletus rubriceps)
XXXXXXOAbove 7000', esp. w/ fir & spruce
Shaggy Mane
(Coprinus comatus)
OOXXXXXXXXOODisturbed ground above 7000'
Sheep polypore
(Albatrellus ovinus)
Shrimp Russula
(Russula xerampelina)
XXXXAbove 7500'
Slippery Jack
(Suillus spp.)
XXXXXXXXXAbove 6000', esp. with pines
Stalked Puffball
(Podaxis pistillaris)
OOOXXXXXXXOFound on disturbed sandy desert ground after rains
Velvet Foot
(Flammulina spp.)
OOXXXXXXXXXXOOn aspens, above 7500'
Wood Ear
(Auricularia auricula)
OOXXXXXXXXOOn wood; long season


  1. O = occasional/out of season/rare
    X = in season, uncommon
    XX = in season, common
    XXX = in season, profuse
  2. January, February, and March are not included on this chart. There is seldom any mushrooming in these months except in the very lowest desert areas after winter rains. See the species list for December.  There may also be rare early morels in lower elevation riparian areas in February or March.

Storm approaching Greens Peak

5 Responses to Mushroom Seasons in Arizona

  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Chris,

    We’ve found more of the Barrows’ Bolete in July than August at our elevation.

    Also, a couple of years ago the Melgaards found a nice Grifola frondosa (Hen of the Wood) while on the August foray in the Green’s Peak area. I’m not sure how common they are, but it may be worth including on your list.


  2. Bill Warner says:

    I have collected Sparassis down to about 7200′. Also, amazed (and HAPPY!) to see Grifola from AZ–fantastic species; they are a fall thing in the east (Sept-Oct mostly). I don’t think Grifola has been recorded from AZ in the literature yet, so if anyone gets one, at least part of it should be preserved and deposited with accurate data in the Univ. of Az collection. Another rare but great eating species in the White Mountains that could very easily be mistaken for Grifola is Polyporus umbellatus. It looks kind of like a many-stalked Albatrellus, with grey-tan coloring on the caps. I’ve only seen it once thus far, a couple miles from Hannagans Meadow before the fire.

  3. Mark Misemr says:

    Lobsters were abundant in October 2014 on Mingus.

  4. patty sparacio says:


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