The old question: Cut vs. pick?

Morels on the San Juan fire

With the great October fire morel flush of 2014 in progress, and the Arizona Mushroom Club about to go on foray in a day or two, the question arises anew: … Continue reading

Salt Point State Park and the Tragedy of the No-Commons

Salt Point State Park

Trouble at Salt Point State Park National Public Radio had a story last week about mushroom foraging at Salt Point State Park in California, along the Sonoma coast north of San Francisco, … Continue reading

Mushroom Foray Equipment Checklist: The Basket

Ghana baskets from Fungi Perfecti

[ED. NOTE – 4/27/14: There is now a follow-up post describing everything besides the basket that you need for foraging, located at Mushroom Foray Equipment Checklist: Beyond the Basket.] A sturdy basket, … Continue reading